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The Social Media Master Certification™ Course

with Melissa Barker

What is the Social Media Master Certification™?

This 6-week, self-paced course is a fast track to learn how to drive demand with social media, build brand awareness and establish thought leadership for your small business.

Get a complete blueprint from start-to-finish of how to do every aspect of social media marketing efficiently, along with a certificate to prove your expertise.

Every lesson is concise and actionable, so you can start using the learnings right away!

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In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a comprehensive social media strategy (earned, owned & paid)
  • Develop your brand’s unique voice online
  • Identify target audience personas (and select social channels to reach them)
  • Create compelling social media campaigns (and how to grow your customer base) 
  • Conduct a social media audit (and optimize your accounts)
  • Measure your results (and make data-driven decisions)
  • Utilize EVERY major social media platform (best practices updated monthly!)
  • Create effective content (to sell more)
  • Handle a public relations crisis
  • Craft a social media company policy

The Social Media Master Certification™ Course includes:  

  • 24 in-depth Video Trainings (12+ hours)
  • 13 Lessons
  • 11 Workbooks
  • 7 easy-to-use Templates (a $5,000 value!)
  • Social Media Glossary
  • Social Media Demographics Guide
  • 3 Social Media Cheat Sheets
  • Productivity Hacks
  • 5 Social Media Policy Examples
  • Reference Links
  • A supportive Facebook community of peers to help you through it all and to cheer you on!

Act Now to Get These Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Instagram Business Training ($199 value)  

Instagram is one of the most-used platforms for businesses and it's only growing in popularity. Get tips to on how to optimize your page, utilize of all the latest features, and create compelling content.

Bonus #2 

Facebook Business Training ($199 value)  

Learn how to use Facebook for business. Get insider information about using Facebook to drive demand, strategies for using the latest features, and how to create effective content.

Bonus #3

Twitter Business Training ($199 value)  

This training will take you through the strategy behind using Twitter for business, help you optimize a business page, and create consistently powerful content that sells.

Bonus #4

Pinterest Business Training ($249 value)  

Pinterest is a platform that cannot be ignored if a business sells consumer products. Learn how to drive business with Pinterest, create a captivating page, and use pins to drive demand.

Bonus #5

LinkedIn Business Training ($249 value)  

LinkedIn holds so much potential to drive business. This training shows you how to use all the new features, create riveting content, and a business page that sells.

Bonus #6

LinkedIn Profile Optimization ($99 value) 

This in-depth training will take you through developing every part of your profile, SEO optimization, and how to use your profile to drive business and attract high-paying clients.

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Why the Social Media Master Certification™?  

1. The Social Media Master Certification™ shows you *exactly* what to do every step of the way. I designed this course to simplify and make it easy to follow all of the best practices for social media marketing. You'll learn how to manage your time using social media, set goals, conduct a social media audit, create personas for businesses, select the right social media platforms for a business's target market, efficiently create content, measure results, launch campaigns, and handle crisis communication. The lessons make each of these complex tasks simple, clear and actionable.

2. My process is tried and true. Not only does this process work for me, but it is the foundation of my internationally best-selling textbook, "Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach." I've condensed it down to help small business owners to learn how to market themselves efficiently - you can apply every lesson as you go through the course.

3. It is updated in real-time. You never have to wonder,“Is this still true?” or go searching for the latest best practice for social media, ever again. As best practices change - which they always do - the course material is updated. As a student, you’ll be notified anytime best practices are updated.

4. Everything is results-oriented. There is zero fluff in this course. Everything in the Social Media Master Certification™ serves a point and the content is concise. It contains templates I charge clients thousands of dollars for (and you can too!), so you can hit the ground running. I believe your time is your most precious resource, which is why I would never waste it.

5. You get the entire course immediately. You'll have the ability to work at your own pace, whether you're squeezing in the hours after work or on your weekends.

6. It eliminates overwhelm. You’ll always know exactly what to work on and what comes next. This course gives you the ability to do social media marketing with total confidence.

7. You’ll have support along the way. Facebook Groups have been one of the most helpful resources in my career. When you sign up for the Social Media Master Certification™, you’ll gain access to the student-only Facebook community, where you can brainstorm and share your wins with peers. There will also be weekly Live Q&A sessions so you can get extra help with anything. Group learning accelerates success, and this Facebook community helps you harness that power! 


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